CAF reveals latest rankings for each InterClub competition

The 2014 ranking for CAF Club Competitions has been determined based on the performance of the representatives of the National Associations in the Orange CAF Champions League and Orange CAF Confederation Cup covering the 2009 to the 2013 seasons.

The ranking serves the criteria for the 2015 CAF Club competitions, with the top 12 countries entitled to enter two representatives each in the two competitions.

This means that the League champions and the runner-ups are eligible to participate in the CAF Champions League, whilst the winner of the domestic cup (FA Cup) and the third-place team in the national championship are entitled for the CAF Confederation Cup.

The notable observation for the 2014 ranking is the presence of South Africa in the top 12, whilst Ghana has dropped to the 14th place, largely due to the performance of Orlando Pirates, which reached the final in the 2012 edition of the CAF Champions League.

The ranking is achieved based on the scale below with points awarded to the stage reached by a participating club;

CAF Champions League

Winner 5

Runner-up 4

Semi-finalists 3

3rd in the group 2

4th in the group 1

CAF Confederation Cup

Winner 4

Runner-up 3

Semi-finalists 2

3rd in the group 1

4th in the group 1

The number of points is then multiplied by a co-efficient assigned to each edition (year) with the highest for the most recent edition (year). In this case, the co-efficient is 5 for 2013, 4 for 2012, 3 for 2011, 2 for 2010 and 1 for 2009.