Bukom Banku’s manager slams GBA for defaming promoter

Astute boxing promoter and manager, Abraham Kotei Neequaye has reacted angrily to the supposed reporting of McDon Atitsogbe to the Ghana Police Service by authorities of the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) for allegedly issuing dud cheques for payments after a boxing promotion in Accra last year.

Mr. Neequaye who manages eccentric boxer, Braimah Kamoko better known as Bukom Banku is furious with the Peter Zwennes led administration of Ghana boxing, accusing them of setting a precedent that will discourage people from investing in the sport in this country.

“How can you say McDon is on the run when you have not been to his office or house to look for him? If you call somebody’s phone and you don’t get him, are there not other ways to reach him? The GBA should bow down their heads in shame because this does not help Ghana boxing,” Kotei Neequaye told Allsports.com.gh.

“I am very angry because I was the one that spoke to McDon and convinced him to come into boxing and he put a lot of money in but today he’s getting a wrong deal from the GBA which is completely bad. If we continue this way, nobody will put their money in boxing again,” Bukom Banku’s manager continued.

“When McDon came on board and decided to promote Bukom Banku versus John Napari, the GBA went ahead and sanctioned the fight even though they should know that Napari was not fit because they keep all records on the boxers,” Mr. Neequaye said referring to the much publicised fight which never happened because army officer, Napari was eventually ruled out not medically fit weeks after the fight contracts had been signed.

“McDon spent nearly GH¢50,000 on the day the fight contract between Banku and Napari was signed, he paid both boxers GH¢15,000 each making GH¢30,000 before several other bills and sanction fees on that day alone. All that was a waste because of the negligence of GBA,” Kotei Neequaye pointed out.

“After that fight fell through all due to the fault of GBA who should know that Napari was not fit, I again sat McDon down and told him we could still rescue it with a big show so I introduced him to Alex Ntiamoah Boakye of Box Office Sports Promotions before I travelled out of town,” he explained further.

“Instead of helping him get a big fight like Ashie against Tagoe or even work on Bukom Banku versus Bastie Samir, they misled McDon into paying for the WBO Africa Interim title and travels of Allan Kamote from Tanzania to fight George Ashie. How much money can you make from such a promotion?” Kotei Neequaye further questioned.

According to Neequaye, McDon spent over GH¢100,000 (one hundred thousand Ghana Cedis) on both the failed Bukom Banku-Napari and the Ashie-Kamote fights but only got GH¢8,000 at the gates, so the GBA should have been more sympathetic and encouraging rather than take the action they have just because of a relatively small money he had not paid.

“It’s very bad the approach of GBA, all they are interested in is their fees and purses, not what the promoter spends or losses. Id somebody spent over GH¢100,000, how can you say he has ran because of about GH¢8,000 debt? I am very very sad because I convinced McDon to come into boxing,” he said.

“The GBA must also bring promoters like Alex Ntiamoah to book because if you say you are a co-promoter and somebody spent over GH¢100,000, why can’t you also pay the GH¢8,000 they are now crying about? It’s too bad,” Kotei Neequaye lamented.