FIFA: Blatter promises to reveal full story behind resignation

Outgoing FIFA president Sepp Blatter has promised to reveal more details about the circumstances surrounding his resignation once he was officially left the role.

Blatter announced his decision to step down as the head of world football’s governing body in June, just days after winning re-election for another four years – as an ongoing corruption investigation involving Swiss and American authorities gathered pace.

Blatter has since confirmed that he will officially resign his post only once FIFA have elected a new president in February. Once that process is completed, however, he has pledged to reveal more about the exact circumstances that led to his departure.

Asked by Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant if something “major” had happened behind the scenes to lead him to step down, Blatter said: “That is something I wish to keep to myself. What has happened, will be part of my legacy. It felt highly uncomfortable at the time.

“Anyhow, we are all survivors and I am sure that it has been the right solution for FIFA. It was a good solution.

“I did it to protect the institution and my family against the attacks on FIFA, not to protect myself. I don’t need any help when it comes to my personal integrity.”

Neverthess, Blatter could not resist hinting at a conspiracy at work to dislodge him.

“Help me to find the truth,” he said. “This tsunami. This shocking raid or whatever it was… There should be an investigation as to why this happened two days before the congress.

“Why were there journalists of The New York Times in the lobby of the Baur au Lac hotel at 6 o’clock in the morning? They had no reason to be there.”

UEFA president Michel Platini is now the favourite to replace Blatter as FIFA president, although the Swiss denied that criticism from his former ally had played a part in his resignation.

“No, no. I only realised later what he had said,” Blatter added. “I did not give up my mandate because of pressure from Platini.”

Credit: Eurosport