Black Stars donates to flood victims

    Kind gesture from players and management of the senior national team the Black Stars, as they visit the center where the explosion of the fuel station took away over 150 lives June 4 last week.

    As part of their visit, they donated an amount of GHS 50,000 to these victims, but their main purpose for visiting was to pay their respect to the lost lives.

    Spokesperson for the Ghana Football Association, Ibrahim Saanie Daara said, the Black Stars feel for the victims, those who have lost their lives and those who are still recovering from injuries.

    He went on to say that, they are donating the money not because it is going to bring back the lost lives but to help relieve the victims who by God’s grace are still alive and will need support.

    Finally, they prayed for the deceased who passed on as a result of the flood and gas explosion.