Bayern Munich refugee training camps to start on Wednesday

Bayern Munich are to open their training facilities for 28 young refugees, who have fled their home countries due to conflict, on Wednesday.

Germany has been the priority destination for thousands of desperate asylum seekers and support among football clubs has been huge, with many supporters holding banners at Bundesliga games to say refugees are welcome.

Bayern already donated €1 million to charity and have announced that their training camp will begin this week.

The refugees, many of whom are still minors, are currently being housed in the reception centre in Munich and have been selected for the Bavarians’ training camp at the Sabener Strasse facility by the area’s social services.

The Bundesliga club are currently in talks with Dieter Reiter, the Mayor of Munich, and Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann over developing a refugee assistance program.

During this project, the Bayern youth squads will receive organisational and specialist support from the city, whilst the 28 young people will be supervised by the club’s youth coaches and provided with food.

After the initial experience is assessed, it is expected the city and the club will create further training experiences at appropriate intervals.