Ayitey Powers replies Ga Traditional Council

Boxer Ayitey Powers says if the Ga Traditional Council claims the June 3 flood and fire disasters were caused by the bout between him and Bukom Banku, then the gods are stupid to have killed innocent people.
An explosion ripped through the Goil filling station at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra killing at least 150 people some of whom were sheltering from torrential rain.
While many are blaming the event on authorities’ failure to put measures in place to curb flooding as well as fuel stations and other properties located in waterways and built without permits, the president of the Council, Nii Dodoo Tackie at a press conference, Thursday blamed it on the celebrity vigil as well as the much publicised May 15, 2015 bout between Ayitey Powers and Bukom Banku at the Accra Sports Stadium.
The Ga Traditional Council claims the fight which was staged during the ban on drumming and noise making, was held to the “displeasure of the traditional rulers.”
“A boxing tournament between Bukom Banku and Ayitey Powers was staged at Accra Sports Stadium much to the displeasure of the traditional rulers because it was staged during the ban on drumming and noise making,” they said.
But reacting to the claims on Kasapa FM’s Anopa Kasapa, Ayitey Powers said the gods must be crazy to have killed innocent people.
”I am surprised at what they are saying. Bukom Banku called me to inform me that this is what is going on, and I asked him why the gods didn’t kill us and our families. Those gods they don’t think. They are stupid. Where is this stupid matter coming from?” he wondered.
Powers added: “It doesn’t even make sense that they would want to kill people I don’t know, how would I feel the pain? Rather if they had killed someone I knew or a blood relation that could have been a punishment. But how do you kill people I don’t know just like that?
“If they know they are true gods they wouldn’t go and kill innocent people. The Traditional Council wants attention, they just want to be heard. Where from this stupid thing? If you offend God and he wants to punish you he will punish you directly and not others.”
Credit: Pulse.com.gh