Avram Grant: Only committed and quality players will earn call-ups

Black Stars head coach, Avram Grant has stated that only committed and quality players will get a place in his team.

Ghana can boast of a lot of budding football talents but only 23 players can get a call-up into the Black Stars.

Avram Grant as he marks his one year in office has advised prospective Black Stars players to work harder and be committed in order to earn a place in his team, adding that it is a big honour to play for the national team and it comes with much reward.

“Only few players can be assembled in one game, and those players need to have quality, they need to show mentality, personality and they must be committed in my time it will not be I’m sorry to say.

“Players need to show that they want to play for the Black Stars, if you have been called to represent the country is an honor and look at what happened we did well in the Africa cup and now all the players are in a better team and a better contract so it is good to play for your country,” Grant told Metro TV Sports File.