Avram Grant cautions Ghana to avoid Brazil experience

Avram Grant has cautioned the Sports Ministry and the Ghana Football Association to ensure that all arrears in winning bonus are settled to avoid a repetition of what happened in Brazil during the 2014 World.

The Black Stars haven’t been paid all their outstanding winning bonuses, following their 7-0 and 1-0 wins over Mauritius and Rwanda, respectively.

This brings back memories of how the Black Stars of Ghana boycotted training ahead of their 2014 FIFA World Cup group game against Portugal over delay in the payment of appearance fees.

Ghana following the shambolic World Cup campaign in Brazil formed a Commission of Inquiry to inquire into matters that resulted to the happenings in Brazil, but after several recommendations that addressed issues of winning bonuses and appearance fees, there have been reports that Black Stars have once again threatened to boycott national assignment over bonus row.

And there were reports that the playing body threatened not to emplane for their World Cup qualifier against Comoros Island, but they later had a change of mind after talks with the Sports Ministry and GFA.

Before that incident, the head coach of the Black Stars Avram Grant had cautioned authorities to settle outstanding winning bonuses to avoid the infamous Brazil experience.

“All I want is to prepare the team like any normal country but I don’t think this has happened now. It again reminds me of what happened at the World Cup, remember that in the African Cup I cannot say the organization was 100% but the players focused on the football like any normal country.

“I didn’t come here to say this is his fault because I know the national team in Ghana is to point the finger to say this is his fault. I want to find a solution.

“My way is to find a solution and not to blame anybody so I hope they find a solution because one of the thing everybody know around the world now is the pressure is on the players so we need to give them the quiet.

“And let us face the facts. The Fact is that since I arrived in the team over you cannot complain about one player who didn’t give his 100%. The result is good, the atmosphere is good, they players are improving and we want to continue like this. We need to be professional off the pitch and I hope that we find a solution for this.

Ghana will take on Comoros on Friday in the first leg, before hosting them in Kumasi on Tuesday in the 2 leg.