Augustine Okrah’s delight at Kevin Prince-Boateng ”how are you gesture”

Merreikh playmaker Augustine Okrah has revealed that Kevin Prince-Boateng spoke Twi to him before kickoff of the Schalke-Merreikh friendly in Doha on Thursday.

Okrah said he ‘felt so good and privileged’ when Boateng walked up to him to ask him, ‘Menua Eti Sen’, an Akan phrase which translate to ‘my brother, how are you?’

He revealed: ”To be honest I was shocked when he spoke Twi to me because I never taught he could speak. I felt so good with his attention and privileged because he is a top player and a Ghana superstar player.”

Both Ghanaians lasted the first half of the friendly which ended 2-2.

Boateng pulled out with an injury but Okrah lasted the whole of the first half on the return from his five-month injury lay-off.