Associations are not effective – Ayariga

Outspoken Minister of Youth and Sports Mahama Ayariga has unleashed scathing attacks on the over 36 disciplines under the National Sports Authority.

According to the under fire Minister, the various disciplines under the NSA are not run professionally hence delays in releasing budgets for their international and local competitions.

It’s a well known fact that the various Associations are yet to receive a penny from government for organization of local and participation in International competitions for the past 4 years.

Presidents of the various Associations have blamed government for neglect of the lesser known sports, but the current Minister of Youth and Sports disagrees.

“Most of the Associations are not run professionally, they are supposed to make their budgets public and make sure they do things well but we don’t see them do that.

“They again sent their budget late to the ministry and you don’t expect the ministry to act fast on them, I beg to differ but most of them are not effective and they run them anyhow”, Ayariga told

Presidents of the Association funds the day to day activities from their own pockets and the comments by the under fire minister will not be a pleasant news.