Albert Mensah petitions GBA to cancel contract with managers

Former IBF International Lightweight titlist, Albert Mensah has petitioned the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) to intervene and set him free from his managerial contract with US based boxing managers, Vincent Scolpino (VMS Management Inc) Jacob Zwennes of Errol Hawk LLC.

Mensah says the two managers have failed to live up to their duties as his managers and has appealed to the Ghana Boxing Authority declare as null and void the contractual agreement he signed exactly a year today, 11th November 2014 so he can move on and pursue his boxing dreams with any new manager willing to sign him.

Mensah says his illiteracy was even taken advantage of because he signed the contract without even reading or know the terms due to the fact that he cannot read or write, pointing out that 33% of his purse to the mangers is a rip off..

According to the petition letter which has exclusively stumbled upon, Mensah who also previously held the IBF Continental Africa Super Lightweight title says the terms of the management contract even sought to rip the boxer off to the advantage of the managers.

“What I hate in the contract is you said every money that is giving to me or anything that is done by the management is a loan given to me and will pay back. This is my first time of hearing this, then why are you working for 33%?,” Mensah asked in the letter.

“I think if this management has given me a copy of the contract to glance through by someone to understand it well, I will not sign this contract because he knows I can’t read and write,” he explained.

The boxer is crying that he was at number 11 in the IBF Super Lightweight ratings but due to inactivity and even the few fights he’s fought in Ghana not getting recorded on Boxrec, Albert Mensah now languishes very low in the rankings at an appalling number 63.

“Since he told me to get ready for P1 I have not heard of anything and boxing is about age and also accidental game, and I don’t want to fight here anymore, he is thinking of fighting here without money and I need money I don’t need record because I have fought 35 and also am growing,” the boxer stated.

“I want to work with a better and competent manager so please the GBA must cancel that contract so I will be a free agent. There is no time to waste,” Albert Mensah has petitioned.

Below is the link to the contract agreement between the boxer and the managers he wants to break away from:

Albert Mensah Signed Contract-20150928-023719796.pdf