Agama to PCI: Allow FA to Handle World Cup Money

The founder and president of Bechem United FC, Mr. Owusu Achiaw, popularly known as Agama, has called on the Presidential Commission of Inquiry to allow the Ghana Football Association to keep the 2014 World Cup money to enable the FA to undertake development projects in the industry.

In an interview with, Agama said, “We all know the challenges facing football in the country. We have bad pitches, Colts football is struggling and the division one league is in trouble. So for me, I will call on the Commission of Inquiry to leave the money with the FA and then call on the FA to outline all the projects they want to undertake with the money”.

Agama added that if the Commission orders the FA to pay into government chest, it may end up not getting the money again as it happened in 2010.

“The Commission must allow the money to stay with the FA, either than that, if the FA is ordered to put the proceeds from the World Cup into government chest, the money will be missing forever since it cannot be located again after it has been put in a consolidated fund”, Agama concluded.

The Presidential Commission of Inquiry had earlier ordered the FA to give the proceeds from the World Cup to the Ministry of Youth and Sports until the Commission issues an order as to how the money shall be used.