Adebayor – ‘I want to help Togo qualify’

Emmanuel Adebayor has made himself available for Togo’s Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Liberia, despite being dropped from the squad last week.

Togo coach Tom Saintfiet dropped Adebayor as well as goalkeeper Kossi Agassa and winger Floyd Ayite last week over the refusal to join up with the team for a friendly against the Ghana.

However, the Tottenham striker is keen to help his country in their bid to reach the 2017 Afcon – held in Gabon – with their campaign getting under way against Liberia on Sunday.

Adebayor is quoted by BBC Sport: “The match against Ghana was not very important. I told the coach I would not play.

“But I am now preparing myself for the match against Liberia.

“This match is very important for us. If we want to qualify for the tournament in Gabon then we must win this match at home.

“I am feeling well. I have never abandoned the national team. I am Togolese and I have always defended the colours of the national flag.

“What is important for Togolese people is that I should be on the pitch that day and I am preparing for that.

“Our main goal remains qualification. We failed to make it to the last tournament, so we must do all we can to qualify this time around.”

Saintfiet also intimated to the BBC that Agassa and Ayite would be welcomed back for the Liberia fixture.