Acheampong refuses to take blame for Olympics Relegation

“I joined the bus middle on the road,” head coach Yaw Acheampong said after Great Olympics headed back to where they came from last season after the final games of the 2014/2015 First Capital Plus Bank Premier League season – Division One.

The Wonder Club appointed Yaw Acheampong to steer the technical affairs midway into the first round of the season when the team performance was nothing to write home about.

Great Olympics display sky rocketed immediately, but the early season slump hit them hard when veteran signings Dan Quaye and Richard Kingston got injured. They couldn’t revive since then until they finally succumbed to relegation.

Yaw Acheampong says it was pure ‘torture’ to witness the dwindling fortunes of the club on the final, but that shouldn’t have been their defining moment because he did all he could to help the team stay afloat when he joined the train.

“It was pure torture throughout the entire game (to see the players let goal scoring chances pass by),” former Inter Allies boss said after guiding Olympics into the GN Bank Division One league.

“I was surprised the chances were flying by, I was surprised the players were panicking and could not put the ball behind the net. But is football, I have been on the field before and I know all these things.” He said.

Football is such that the coach is always responsible for a poor result. The accusing fingers will be put squarely at the door stairs Yaw Acheampong,  but he won’t lose the opportunity to remind them the boat was sinking when he took over.

“I came into this game to do everything possible to win the game and we achieved that, but our results depended on other games.

“We have come a very long way…I joined the bus middle on the way and then I did everything i could to chase the crown and when fortunes changed. I did everything I could to make sure that we survive, but that is football, we did all we could and it didn’t go our way.”

Olympics joined Heart of Lions and B A United into the GN Bank Division One league.