Revenge In The Coming For Ghana?

    By Kofi Ampon Gyasi

    Its been 23 years now since the hearts of Ghanaians were broken into pieces in Senegal by the then elephants of cote d,ivoire in the finals of the Nations cup (Senegal 1992) a sad and memorable day that can never be erased from the minds of Ghanaians.

    A day Ghana lost 11-10 on penalties after a goalless draw.Now history is just about to repeat itself as this two teams lock horns tomorrow in another Nations cup final.This time at the Estadio di Bata .its very obvious that African football and the world in a whole will be expecting an exciting and a mouthwatering encounter.One that if when goes to the favour of Ghana will be a sweet revenge and a very tasteful one indeed or perhaps more than a lab feast.

    When it comes to names then there is no doubt the Ivorians are far ahead but in terms of team work then give Ghana the clap .A team that was totally underrated by its own people.A team with a do-well tag as the motivation for this tournament,but yet has exceeded its expectations.A very young team with a strong mentality to win and a team ready for revenge .This i believe could be the key for Ghana,likewise the elephants whose been disappointing with their Golden age squad . A group that should have been African champions long ago.

    Team spirit and passion is something they have lacked all this while and nothing seems like its changing despite being in the final.their participation in the final could be a word called luck which has always played a part in soccer,or perhaps some pundits might call it a fluke.they might boast of yaya toure ,Gervinho and the latest Manchester city signing ,Wilfred Bony.but names doesn’t play football,tough and determined legs does.thats the kind of spirited legs the ivorians do not have and this is exactly where the Ghanaians will beat them to it.

    Its clear both teams haven’t played well soo far in the tournament but i believe the Ghanaians have that urge with all the above mentioned factors favouring them as their 33year trophy drought could end tomorrow.